Happy New Year!

Jean-Michel Cousteau congratulates Russia and calls on all countries of the world to ban the capture of cetaceans for the entertainment industry
The whale jail is empty

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2019

We also express our gratitude to the deputies and officials for their principled position on the ban on capturing and keeping of cetaceans in captivity. We personally thank the President of the Russian Federation for the decision to release killer whales and beluga whales, Deputy Prime Minister A. Gordeev for the decision to ban captures at the legislative level and the Minister of Natural Resources D. Kobylkin for protecting the transient killer whale and the decision to stop captures in 2019-2020.

Orcas and belugas are free! Signatures on the ROI to ban new captures are collected. Now we all have to make a new wish – that the capture of cetaceans is prohibited by law. And in 2020 we will definitely achieve this! After all, you are with us. And together we are strong!

Happy Holidays! May whales and dolphins never again end up in whale jails!