The release on belugas started this morning
The position of Coalition on the release of belugas in the Uspeniya bay


November 10, 2019

Today was the last day of release of the belugas.

Last night “Professor Kaganovsky” with 18 belugas on board came to Uspenia Bay to join “Zodiac” with 13 animals. Observers of the Coalition “Free Russian Whales” and Greenpeace Russia began their observation at dawn, approaching the ships at a distance of 500 – 800 m.

At 9:00 a.m. first beluga whales from the Zodiac were unloaded and released. Control over the process and video recording of the release of each animal was carried out by specialists of the Border Guard Department of the Primorsky Territory.

Our observers also took photos and videos, but after a while they were forbidden to do that (they were told that a special permission from VNIRO was necessary). Eventually, they had had to leave the release site at the request of the border guards. We know for a fact that the vast majority of animals were released, but the fate of at least two belugas is in question.

We ask you to call and write to VNIRO and Border Guard with a request to publish a video release of ALL 50 beluga:

– VNIRO – (499) 264-93-87, vniro@vniro.ru
– TINRO – (4232) 400 921, (4232) 400 758, tinro@tinro-center.ru
– Border management – (4232) 21-34-26, (4232) 22-64-34, pu.primkrai@fsb.ru


We congratulate everyone and thank you, friends – for your help, support and willingness to always come to the rescue! We did it together!

Great thanks to our observers, who promptly transmitted information and photos from the place of release!

The whales are free, but our campaign is not over! Walruse calves are still suffering in rusty tanks in Srednyaya Bay! And most importantly, we must work together to ban the capture of whales and dolphins forever.