Whale Jail guards attacked journalists and destroyed a drone

Whale Jail update – March 1st
Breaking news! The option to move orcas and belugas to captive facilities is considered by the Russian government

Whale Jail guards attacked journalists and destroyed a drone

On March 2, 2019, guards of the whale jail destroyed a drone of the REN-TV television crew, attacked journalists, hit them and tried to take the phone away. A video of what happened on the link below https://iz.ru/851995/video/na-zhurnalistov-ren-tv-napali-vo-vremia-semki-siuzheta-o-kitovoi-tiurme?fbclid=IwAR2x7oCdHo57e_yaUdjrKM6hwbJZkNsfRr-VnQiLKKUTMYoSEk6_FTorwys

All this happened outside the territory of the whale jail.
First, the captors disabled the drone remotely, by intense electromagnetic radiation. When the drone fell to the ground, they threw it into the sea, and when the journalists tried to get it captors attacked them and did not let them go to the water for a long time!

These actions are clearly subject of the Criminal Code.

It is not the time of similar attack by the people involved in this business with clear attempts to hide their dirty business. Recall that in July of 2018 the captors destroyed the camp of “Ocean Friends” volunteer, who carried out public control over the process of orca captures in the Sea of Okhotsk.

It should be noted that in these extremely inaccessible places for people, at that time there were only two camps on the ground – the “Ocean Friends” and the capture team. All gasoline that was kept in “Ocean Friends” camp was poured onto the ground – which was a highly threatening move since it is impossible to get fuel in such remote area (the nearest place with fuel is 315 km away), as well as get out without using a boat motor.

In addition, satellite equipment was stolen. In other words, people were left in danger and without the opportunity to receive the necessary assistance.

The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation qualifies such actions as Article 125 – Leaving in danger.