Transportation of killer whales and belugas continues

Orcas from Srednyaya Bay adapting to natural habitat succesfully
All orcas from whale jail are free!

Transportation of killer whales and belugas continues

August 26, 2019

On Thursday, August 22, fourth stage of release of animals from whale jail started. 2 remaining orcas – female Harya and male Forest, and 6 belugas – 3 females, 3 males are on the way to freedom. According to latest data from VNIRO, animals are now on barge, which goes to the direction of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. Earlier transportation to Cape Perovsky took 5-6 days. Release will most likely take place on August 27. We don’t know the details about planned release process.

Will animals be held in seapen or not? How the problem with release of two species will be solved? Independent observers are not present this time, therefore we hope, that VNIRO will work hard to make this process as transparent as possible, especially, it applies to release of belugas, since last such release left many unanswered questions.

While we are all waiting for release of whale jail prisoners, we want to remind you to TAKE ACTION and send letters in Rosprirodnadzor, to prevent approval of TAC (total allowable catch) for 2020 and repeat of this terrible history!

The materials for the TAC (total allowable catch) on the capture of marine mammals in 2020 are being considered by Governmental Ecological Expertise (GEE) in Rosprirodnadzor. And the only chance to PREVENT these CAPTURES – is to have GEE make NEGATIVE decision on proposed material for TAC 2020.

If GEE decision is negative then TAC will not be approved and so capture quotas will not be given. In November 2018 negative GEE conclusion allowed to stop capture of whales in 2019. Experts took into consideration arguments of public organizations, experts community, international scientists and also listened to multiple public requests to stop violent captures of animals for entertainment industry.

Please email to [email protected] and tell them that you are strongly against captures of marine mammals for entertainment industry. Tell them about your negative attitude towards captures and ask to stop it.

Emails can be addressed to Alekseev Denis Andreevich – Head of Central Department of Rosprirodnadzor.

If you have not yet send an email to Rosprirodnadzor, please do so today.

Friends, until we have achieved a complete legislative ban on capture, the negative conclusion of the GEE is the only chance to prevent capture next year.