The goal is to free all whales

The governor of Primorye and the Cousteau team signed an agreement on the release of orcas and beluga whales from the “whale jail” to the wild
Total allowable catch for orca won’t be set for 2020

The goal is to free all whales

Orcas and beluga whales kept in Srednyaya Bay of Primorsky Territory can be released, said Charles Vinick, the advisor of an oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau.

“We believe that all animals can be released. Our observations for the week confirm that this is a suitable goal. All animals are well fed and the problems we have identified are more related to keeping them in captivity than to physical health,” said Vinick to reporters.

He noted that with an adequate and suitable plan for the release of animals, they can be released into the wild. In this case, each of them must be approached individually.

Head of the Ministry of Environment Dmitry Kobylkin highly appreciated the joint work with the Cousteau team. “We have added new information to ourselves, we understand that we have a common goal to preserve the health of animals and their further release, which is not simple,” said Kobylkin.

Friends, this is great news! We are very grateful to the team of international experts! Orcas and belugas got one step closer to freedom! But it is still too early to celebrate – there is a lot of work ahead, and we will celebrate when everyone is free, and captures in Russia banned once and for all!