Our vessel is on its way to Uspenia Bay

Changes have been made to the transportation plan of belugas
In Uspenia bay “Professor Kaganovsky” began release of 19 beluga whales

Our vessel is on its way to Uspenia Bay

November 7, 2019

Kaganovsky left at night, but we could not do it – according to the rules of navigation night crossings are prohibited for small vessels. Our team left Srednyaya Bay in the morning at 6:20 am. According to Marintraffic, “Professor Kaganovsky” is already in Uspenia bay. We don’t know whether the release has already started.

We suppose that it has not started yet, because for the safety of beluga whales it is extremely important to release them at above zero temperature, according to forecasts in Uspenia bay temperature will be above zero at 11am.

We insist that VNIRO and TINRO provide evidence that all 19 beluga whales are on board “Kaganovsky”. To do this, it is enough to publish photos and videos of all containers with animals and surroundings, so that anyone can count the number and see the location. We also demand to publish a full video of the release.

We will post an update as soon as our team gets to Uspeniya bay and gives us the news. Let’s wish them good luck!