Orca near Kremlin: peaceful action to ban the capture of cetaceans

This is Harja – one of the orcas that was kept in the #whalejail
Sent letter to help free walruses

Orca near Kremlin: peaceful action to ban the capture of cetaceans

Today, a huge inflatable orca appeared on the Moscow River near the Kremlin with the poster “Thank you for releasing – don’t capture us anymore!”.

Activists who were trying to bring attention to the need to ban of captures for cetaceans for educational and cultural purposes were detained. In addition, police detained Svetlana Vidanova, a photographer for the Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

On November 10, the last belugas from the “whale jail” were released, but next year this terrible story could repeat itself. The demand for cetaceans in Chinese aquariums is still present, so captors will again try to catch animals if we do not achieve a complete ban!

On June 20, during a direct line with the Russian president, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksey Gordeev announced his intention to prohibit the capture of cetaceans for cultural and educational purposes.

Free Russian whales coalition and the Greenpeace Russia office are now collecting petitions in support of this initiative to make the promise a reality.

We need your help to make that happen!

Sign and share these petitions: https://bitly.su/XWNJ2

If we will not ban captures now, after several years of capture, the population of orcas and belugas in Russia can simply disappear!