Loading of belugas has not yet begun

Coalition “Free Russian Whales” and Greenpeace Russia continue to monitor the “Whale jail” in Srednyaya Bay
The loading of beluga whales has begun

Loading of belugas has not yet begun

November 4, 2019

The loading of belugas onto VNIRO vessels Zodiak and Professor Kaganovsky has not yet begun. Although both vessels moved to Srednaya bay today afternoon and anchored there.
On November 1, VNIRO announced that documents were being processed and transportation would begin in the coming days. Today is November 4th and there are no updates. Capture companies delayed the signing of contracts, then the weekend came – holidays and silence …

Only 8 people from the Zodiac vessel landed in Srednyaya and, according to our information, they did not return back on the vessel.

If preparation for transportation does not begin on Tuesday, urgent action on our part will be needed! Including single pickets near the Presidential Administration in your city(for Russian citizens) and near the Russian consulate or embassy. If you are ready to take part – write in comments, please

Time to release beluga whales is running out. VNIRO stated that anyone would be able to observe the latest release, but refused to take our representative on their ship.

Thanks to all of you, we have collected 188,058 rubles (2,965 USD) for boat rental and monitoring of the release. At the moment, we have made an advance payment for the freight of the vessel for 1 day – 60,000 rubles (946 USD), so that the boat remains booked and our observers can count on it any day.

There are also the following expenses:
4500 rubles (71 USD) – for gasoline from Vladivostok to Srednyaya and back (for 3 trips)
2780 rubles (44 USD)- purchase of 2 flash drives with 64GB for filming the release process

Total left:
120,778 rubles (1,904$)

This amount will be enough for another 2 days of vessel rental!
Many thanks to each of you for your prompt assistance!
If you have questions, please contact us via direct message.

Our representatives continue to go to Srednaya Bay and observe what is happening. Also, an activist from Vladivostok, Nina Zyryanova, has been monitoring the whale jail for several days. Thanks to Nina for informing us.

We are not relaxing and mentally preparing for the fact that it is possible we will have to go on protests again and demand the release of the remaining belugas! In the end, we will win anyway, and the belugas will be free! Together we are strong!