We encourage you to write your own letter to the President with the main points:
1. Free remaining orcas and belugas from "Whale Prison"
2. Ban the capture of marine mammals for educational and cultural purposes
Please be very polite and express your gratitude to Russian government for recognizing the issue, preventing the export of belugas and orcas
to China in 2018 and starting a criminal case against the capture companies.

Over 1 200 000 people already signed the petition!
Help us get to 2 000 000

The petition is available in three languages: Russian, English, Italian
We are also asking you to send polite letters to:
1. The Investigation Committee of the Khabarovsk Territory that is responsible for the “Whale Jail” case at the moment [email protected] [email protected]

2. The Federal Service for Supervision of Use of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) [email protected]

3. General Prosecutor’s Office Of Far East Region [email protected] [email protected]

4. General Prosecutor’s Office Of Russian Federation [email protected]
Please bring to their attention that you are aware of the horrible situation and the fact that the whales are kept in harsh winter conditions.
Please ask them to take action as soon as possible – confiscate the whales, take away the custody from hunters and make an order for the release of orcas and belugas.
Point out that this situation is totally unacceptable and cruel to the animals that are forced to spend months in the freezing winter waters, which puts them into great danger and threatens their lives.
Please be polite in you letter.

Take part in Online Flash Mob

Take a picture with this image and post it on your social media with hashtags
#FreeRussianWhales #LetTheWhalesGo #FreeOrcasAndBelugas #СвободуКосаткам #СвободуБелухам

We need to show Russian government that the world is watching and waiting for the whales to be released.

Please write your city and country on the image with hashtags or take a picture in front of your local notable place.
Ask you friends to support this flash mob


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead