The action dedicated to the release of whales from “Whale Jail” was held in the center of Vladivostok
“Release of orcas in Srednyaya Bay = killing them”


14 May 2019

Friends, yesterday russian authorities began seriously discussing the release of orcas right in the Bay of Srednyaya. Release in Srednyaya is an attempt to compromise the return of orcas to the wild, which can end fatally!

There are only two realistic scenarios if that happens:
Orcas will swim away, but not far away. They will find themselves in an unfamiliar place and most likely, will not find what to eat, will follow people and in the end will weaken and die of hunger within a few weeks.
Orcas will not swim away from the seapens and will wait for food from trainers familiar to them who feed them for almost a year.

The fantasy version that after release in Srednyaya Bay orcas will be able to successfully return to their lives is almost impossible.

The Pacific NAVY Fleet offered assistance in transporting orcas to their places of capture – this is the only right and humane way for release, but this proposal is completely ignored by the authorities! Why? This is an attempt to compromise the release and find the reasons why orcas will have to be sold to China

Russia became “famous” to the entire world with this outrages whale jail issue.
The Minister of Natural Resources, Kobylkin, has stated many times that animal welfare will always be in the first place, but these are just words. In fact, no preparation for release has yet been started, and now an absurd version of the fast release in Srednyaya is being considered, which is guaranteed to fail.

Friends, we ask you to urgently start emailing the Ministry of Environment [email protected] and VNIRO (Russian Fisheries institute) [email protected] and President Putin!

❗️Please ask them to release all animals in the Sea of Okhotsk, where they were captured and where their families are! This is very important! Please help us save russian whales!