Criminal business on dolphins

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Criminal business on dolphins

November 20, 2019

How endangered dolphins can end up in the dolphinariums?

The “Russia-24” channel published an investigation by Eduard Petrov “Tears of a Dolphin” about illegal captures of the Black Sea bottlenose dolphins in Krasnodar Region. Not many people think about how marine mammals get in captivity and how they live there. This truthful investigation will reveal to all viewers the most secret aspects of this lucrative, cruel and criminal business.

If you have russian friends – please show them this investigation

The members of our coalition also work with the problems of the Black Sea dolphins – be sure to follow their accounts:
Dolphin Rescue and Research Center “Delfa” works on the Black Sea coast ( ; Instagram @delfacenter)
@center_orcinus – Environmental inspector and ecologist, dealing with cetaceans issues in Russia (Instagram only)
The social movement “Save Dolphins” talks about the real “life” of dolphins in captivity ( Save Dolphins; [email protected]_project_rus)

Captivity business is a criminal business that can be defeated by information. Whale jail is a vivid example! Each of you can become a part of this cetacean freedom movement by simply telling friends what is behind the “fun” show in dolphinariums and oceanariums.