Cousteau Team report

The trial on the release of orca and beluga whales
All orca and beluga whales can be released

Cousteau Team report


Experts from the team of ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau prepared and submitted preliminary report to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation on the results of work in Srednyaya Bay in which stated that there are no obstacles to the release of orcas and belugas, Grigory Tsidulko, one of the russian representatives of Cousteau team, told RIA Novosti .

A group of russian and foreign experts worked in the Srednyaya Bay in early April.

“When Cousteau arrived, we worked on this base (where animals are kept) and wrote a preliminary report. It has been received by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Primorye Administration several days ago after submission last week. The report contains preliminary conclusions and recommendations,” the source said.

Tsidulko did not clarify the details, citing obligations to the Ministry of Environment.
“But in general, according to the preliminary conclusions, which the team made, there are no contraindications to release of the animals after a short preparation. We passed these conclusions and recommendations, and so far did not get any response from government agencies. It is not our prerogative to make decisions regarding animals, this is the jurisdiction of government agencies, “the source added.

The head of the Sakhalin Environmental Watch Dmitry Lisitsyn informed RIA news about preliminary information that the final meeting where the report from scientists will be considered, is expected on April 25 at VNIRO in Moscow.

RIA Novosti does not yet have an official commentary by the administration of Primorye, the Ministry of Environment and VNIRO.