BREAKING! Beluga died at Moskvarium

Breaking news! The option to move orcas and belugas to captive facilities is considered by the Russian government
Celebrities from all over the world are asking Vladimir Putin to return orcas and belugas to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk

BREAKING! Beluga died at Moskvarium

On March 12th, Beluga whale Ponchik died.
According to the official version from Moskvarium, the cause of death was acute renal failure alongside an exacerbated chronic disease.

Before Moskvarium Ponchik was performing in the Dolphinarium in Sochi. There he performed under the name Zephyr.

Ponchik was about 30 years old. In the wild, the average life span of belugas is 35-50 years.

Ponchik was very large in size and it was very painful to see such a giant in a small pool … Now only beluga Ponca remains in Moscvarium.

Although Moskvarium is the largest aquarium in Europe for people – for belugas, orca and dolphins, it is just another #whalejail 

Moskvarium orcas and belugas were also once held for “adaptation ” in the same whale jail where 10 orcas and 87 belugas still remain.

Orcas Narnia, Nord and Juliet as well as the 10 remaining orcas from the whale jail, belong to a small population of transient orcas. They were also captured in the young age and placed into the pool to entertain people … Narnia, Nord and Juliet were less fortunate than captives from the whale jail. Our 10 orcas and 87 belugas still have a chance to get back what a man has recently taken away from them – their family and freedom … Narnia, Nord and Juliet will never see it … they will die in jail …. How many fates these prisons broke while hiding behind social benefits?

Let’s stop captures in Russia!
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