Bad news: China is waiting for 50 belugas from Russia

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and China are negotiating the fate of 50 belugas
11 more beluga whales were released today

Bad news: China is waiting for 50 belugas from Russia

October 18, 2019

50 is an exact number of remaining belugas in the Whale Jail. Coincidence? Unlikely…

Last week, information was received about the visit of the Chinese delegation to the Ministry of Nature to discuss the fate of the 50 belugas that are still awaited by China. Today VNIRO publishes information about the beginning of the operation to release 11 belugas, which would leave exactly 50 belugas remain in the “whale jail”. We are seriously concerned!

There were 14 belugas in the last release. Why VNIRO have 3 belugas less this time? Just enough to leave 50 belugas for China ?!

We do not believe in such coincidences. The number of animals left for today in the whale jail raises concerns that there could be an attempt to ship the remaining animals to China. Despite the fact that President Putin, Deputy Prime Minister Gordeev and Minister of Nature Kobylkin PROMISED their people and THE ENTIRE WORLD that ALL ANIMALS WILL BE RELEASED.

We ask everyone to continue to write to the Russian government the requirement to make sure that all animals will be released and your position regarding the illegal sale to China.

Ministry of Nature:

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Please take action and share!