All orcas from whale jail are free!

Transportation of killer whales and belugas continues
Marine Mammals Council recommends to not approve TAC for marine mammals for 2020

All orcas from whale jail are free!

August 27, 2019

Today we are filled with emotions. All orcas – Leha, Vasilievna, Alexandra, Zina, Vitas, Tihon, Zoya, Gaika, Forest and Kharya are now free. We are happy for them and hope that very soon they will all be in their families.

What exactly is known about the fate of released orcas?

According to the latest data from VNIRO:
– Alexandra is near the Shantar Islands, 50 km away from Tihon, Zoya and Gaika. Perhaps soon we will see how they meet (swipe right to see screen shot with coordinates from GPS tags)
– Tihon, Zoya, Gaigay were seen by scientists. VNIRO promised to provide the video as soon as they receive it from the observers
– GPS tags on the other orcas does not work, however, at least one of them was seen in a pod with wild killer whales

About beluga whales:
Little is known.

12 belugas were released. 6 were released in the first release – there is no information about their movements. 6 released today, GPS tags were installed on 2 of them.

75 belugas are still in the whale jail. They are promised to be released in the next 2 months, before the sea begins to freeze. It is still difficult to imagine what kind of plan VNIRO has in order to have time to implement this.

For more than a year, we have been fighting for the freedom of these beautiful orcas and belugas! We have done the impossible! We were able to save them from life in a whale jail somewhere in China, we were able to get back their freedom. But in 2020, this terrible story could repeat itself. And only we can stop it.

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