11 more beluga whales were released today

Bad news: China is waiting for 50 belugas from Russia
VNIRO intends to release 50 belugas from Whale Jail by 1st of November

11 more beluga whales were released today

October 23, 2019

VNIRO press service reported that today, on October 23, 11 more beluga whales were released. The animals were delivered by the Zodiac vessel to the Sakhalin Bay in the area of Baidukova and Chkalov Islands and released to their natural habitats.

6 stage of the release of marine mammals into the natural habitat completed. According to information from the VNIRO website, preparations are already underway for the next release.

Dear friends, 11 more belugas got back their freedom and a chance for a long happy life! Thanks to our joint efforts! Thanks to your courage, perseverance and activity!

We are proud of each of you – your endless support and generosity!

But it’s still to early to relax – another 50 beluga whales remain in the “whale jail”, and there is still no complete legal ban in Russia on captures for cultural and educational purposes.

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